Sissy Maker Deluxe

an erotic interactive novel

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Core Event


Release 1.5.02022-12-20

New Features

15 new CGs and 3 new envets
4 new characters and 24 new expressions

Updates and fixes

Some minor visual improvements for the bio screen
Some sprites updated

Release 1.4.02022-11-20

New Features

“Cinema” – replay all main sexy events.
8 new CGs and 3 new envets
3 new characters and 18 new expressions

Updates and fixes

Some visual and writing improvements
“open hours” for various places

Release 1.3.22022-09-19

Updates and fixes

Performance improvement and some bug fixes

Release 1.3.02022-09-16

New Features

57 CGs
10 new characters and 60 new expressions
10 Sexy Events
10 new locations and backgrounds
map remake with new locations
new music and effects

Release 1.2.02022-05-30

New Features

16 CGs
8 Events
3 sex events
~5000 words
new music, ambient sound and sound effects
updated character bio
side events route system

Release 1.1.02022-04-02

New Features

16 CGs
2 Events
1 sex event
1 Character and 8 expressions
~4000 words
new music and sound effects

Updates and fixes

Lots of Fixes and some writings and scenes are rewritten from the first release
Some structure and systematic improvements behind the scenes

Release 1.0.02021-10-28

New Features

56 CGs
3 Places and their BGs
Lots of events and choice options
Over 5 sex events
4 Characters and 20 expressions
Over 30K words added
Courses system
Day and night cycle
staying and resting
team up with james or travel alone
new items, music, sound effects, and visual effects

Updates and fixes

Smoother transitions throughout the game
Tons of visual and menu updates
highlight all objects on screen in look around area
Some parts of the engine are rewritten
Tons of bug fixes


Full Version 1.5.0

Dec 20, 2022

Demo Version 0.2.0

April 30, 2021

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From the download section above, simply click the “unlock with patreon” button. From there, you can make a pledge amount for at least $5 USD to gain access to the game. If you are already a patron, you can simply login and don’t need to pay again.

* If you already logged in, and you have a pledge amount for at least $5 USD, make sure you login with the correct patreon account. You can do so by logging out (from the top right corner where it says “howdy, USERNAME”) and logging in with the correct patreon account again.

Your downloadable link will be expired in 20 minutes. Try to refresh the page and get a new link after it expires.

This is a common issue on some old macOS. You can try to update to the latest macOS.

This issue can be resolved by moving the game out of the zip folder first before opening.

You can freely pick your desired nickname to be displayed in the game credit; however, any offensive or inappropriate names will be removed without further notice.

Sissy Maker Classic is a prequel of Sissy Maker Deluxe. It’s not in active development anymore, but you can still download it on https://classic.sissymakergame.com/

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